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Who says Information Technology companies should only focus on hardware and software? We certainly don’t! With the rise of process automation and business intelligence, there needs to be company continuity in the solutions you implement. SUURV Technologies provide both services (IT & Business Process) through a single technician. They’re highly-trained and will blend into your company’s culture. Gone are the days you need two or three separate departments to accomplish your goals. Our business model is not only more efficient, but results-driven in today’s lean working environment.

Equipment We Service and Manage

In a very short period of time, the information age has revolutionized the way our world works. This change has created the need for a new type of technology — Information Technology or IT. As a high-tech industry, IT is one of the fastest growing and most rapidly evolving industries this world has ever seen.

IT affects everything and everyone on our planet. IT is how money travels from one bank to the next, how food gets to the supermarket, and how you can find out what the current temperature is in the town where you were born—most likely in the next ten seconds. Ready. Set. Go!

IT is quick and powerful. IT is saving lives in the emergency room even as you read these words. IT is changing the world and making money for the people who understand its importance. As a business leader or manager, you need to ask yourself one simple question:

Is IT working for me, or is IT killing me?

If you want to solve your problems and grow your business, execute upon your ideas and turn them into reality, then let the IT ninjas of SUURV open your eyes to what you’re currently missing. IT is not about office computing and the router on top of your company refrigerator. IT supports every process from identifying your market to making a sale. IT is about customer support, satisfaction, and retention.

IT runs Apple & Google. SUURV can help you run your business.

Better than most of the competition

We don't take that statement lightly. Call us before you decide on a local IT or Document Solutions (Copier) Company to handle your IT needs. Inevitably they will quote you a lower price, but you are trading far more than that if you decide to use them. There are several ways we are in a better position to service your needs.

  1. You get what you pay for! Don't wait until you lose data or have a security breach to call us.
  2. SUURV uses enterprise tools and update them as the industry changes.
  3. We can scale with you gradually or if your business ever sees a quick influx of growth.
  4. While we sell equipment, we do not make our profits by overcharging you on hardware like our competitors.
  5. Our prices reflect our 30+ years experience in the IT field. We stay up to date and are trained on new technologies.
  6. Most local companies are just dabbling and have minimal experience in fixing computers and networks. (Say hello to your Brother-in-law for us!... lol, Just Joking!)
  7. We are skilled IT professionals.

Call us before you decide to bring your IT in-house or want to consider the cost of outsourcing.

  1. We are cheaper than a full time person
  2. Our Tech's are strategically placed in areas across the United States to service clients with multiple locations.
  3. Tech's specialize in only a few things. With our Team, you will have access to multiple skill sets to help grow your company.
  4. We can manage your IT team if you want to keep IT in-house. (Under certain circumstances, it's better to do this.)

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