10300 Heritage St. Ste 200, San Antonio, TX. 78216


  • SUURV took the time to meet with our company's leadership to understand our business goals and objectives and met with staff to understand how technology was currently used to perform their work. SUURV worked with us to develop and implement an IT strategy that both enabled our company to meet its business objectives while also allowing our employees to continue to thrive in our extremely competitive market space. 

    Engineering Client


    President and CEO
  • We have absolutely nothing but good to say about the service and great work we have received through their on-site staff and the helpdesk function. They particularly shine in the scope and breadth of expertise they offer supporting all forms of campus technology. Security systems, phones/intercoms, connectivity, online services, Instructional technology, technology labs, audio-visual improvements, and a whole host of other aspects of our programs have been positively influenced and improved. 

    Private School


  • SUURV is great, they are one of the best MSP's in Texas! They know computer networking and IT security. Highly rated and was able to save my medical practice from a near meltdown.

    Medical Clinic


    Doctor and CEO
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