Comprehensive Equipment Service
for clinics.

SUURV Inc. is a full-service Biomedical equipment company that has been servicing medical facilities of all sizes since 2002. We are a patient-safety first company that emphasizes quality, uptime, and cost-reduction.

We offer equipment service programs tailored for the stand-alone facilities that have blended general and high-end Biomedical equipment including Anesthesia and Imaging.

SUURV is a one-stop resource for all your Biomedical equipment needs including: preventative maintenance, equipment repair, contract management, and expense auditing.

Our Focus

  • Responsive First Call Service on all Equipment
  • Medical Equipment Management Plan and Tailored Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Regulatory Compliance and Standardization
  • Policy Improvement Indicators
  • Centralized Equipment Database & Workorder System

See what savings you can realize when pairing
your Technology and Biomedical Departments!

3 Part Strategy

Cost Reduction

Streamline your equipment service expenses and optimize your coverage with expert analysis and service contract negotiation.

Direct Pass-Thru on Parts

You gain access to our vast part-sourcing network and the ability to purchase the parts you need with no additional markup.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Consolidate your annual electrical safety inspections and preventative maintenance schedules. (Included at no additional charge).

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