Cloud & Hosting

Infrastructure & Applications can all be hosted with minimal upfront expenses. In addition to Website Hosting, we offer Cloud Hosting that leverages Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Azure to create a custom cloud solution tailored to your business.

Why go to the Cloud?

  • Improved flexibility

    If you have fluctuating bandwidth demands, the cloud provides the ability to scale up or down with great agility.

  • Business continuity

    Many small businesses have turned to the cloud for cloud-based backup and recovery to avoid large upfront costs and save time. Cloud-based storage builds redundancy into your business's information management and protects against security breaches.

  • Automatic firmware updates:

    Cloud computing takes place off-premise. So you won’t have to worry about firmware updates. Just keep your focus on your business.

  • Less capital expenditure

    A cloud infrastructure uses a subscription model. Pay for what you need without high-cost hardware. That improves your cash flow.

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