Our Speakers

Our team consist of industry experts in multiple areas relating to Information Technology and Business Processes.

David McLennan

President / CEO

David McLennan.

Shane Morris

Senior Vice President / COO

Shane Morris. 

Chris Hughes

Director of Sales

Chris Hughes.

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Technology is quick and powerful. IT is saving lives in the emergency room even as you read these words. Technical Information is changing the world and making money for the people who understand its importance. As a business and technology leader, SUURV is always willing to speak about the importance of technology in the workplace.


We are usually asked to speak about the following topics:

  • Cyber Security
  • Demystifying the Cloud
  • New & Disruptive Technology
  • Business Process methods & procedures
  • Top technical skills in the workplace
  • Mentoring youth in technology
  • Motivational speeches to Technology Departments
  • How to better manage technology to improve your bottom line
  • Technology Graduation Speeches
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

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