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How to get started.

We want to get to know about you and your company! If you would like to learn more about our services, fill out the form and a SUURV Representative will call you back! If this is an emergency situation and you have been hacked or experienced a catastrophic business loss, please call us immediately.

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What comes after the call?

This is the process you can expect from SUURV.


We love chatting with business leaders. In just 15 minutes, you may experience a few “eureka” insights, and these could be gamechangers for your business. We have been fine tuning our tech to be of great benefit to people like yourself for years now. So, let’s have a strategic discussion about your business plan and goals.
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Our discovery meetings are where the real magic begins. We are the experts of internal/qualitative research. Our clients have often described these meetings as “exciting,” “eye-opening,” “mind-blowing,” and “FUN!” First, we listen to your goals and dreams about the future. Then we will introduce technological solutions that will empower your company with the resources to transform those dreams into reality. After everyone is on the same page and decides to move forward, we then enter into an official agreement and continue with the assessment phase.


During the assessment phase, (usually lasting one week), all department heads will meet with your new vCIO and TAM. They will present their analysis from the qualitative research conducted in step two, then use their superpowers to examine your IT infrastructure, security policies, staff, and business plan—basically every asset that is mission critical to future success. The vCIO and TAM will create a visual roadmap depicting how all company resources are strategically aligned. This will include a S.W.O.T. analysis of the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.


The vCIO and TAM will ignite the engine that launches your personalized Strategic Plan. The plan will achieve liftoff based on steps completed earlier:

• Information from the qualitative research
• Inclusion of all mission critical assets
• Creation of the company roadmap
• Recommendations from the SWOT analysis

In addition, the service launch of this plan also includes onboarding the helpdesk, training your employees, initiating support of your IT 24/7, and addressing the issues discovered during the assessment phase.


During this step we focus on three things. First, we will collect data from the ongoing support of your IT—all items listed under “The Basics of What We Do.” This data will enable us to fix things before they break and keep your systems up and running smoothly. Second, SUURV will conduct monthly audits to ensure that your company stays aligned with the goals and standards set for your company. Third, the vCIO and TAM will schedule strategic planning sessions with your department heads and C-Suite on a quarterly basis. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss pain points, remediate all issues, and set goals for the next quarter.

We believe these five steps will give you the edge over your competition, improve efficiencies, and lay the groundwork for success!
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