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We are trying to nominate our CEO for San Antonio's 40 under 40. Link here.

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First Name: David

Last Name: McLennan

Job Title: CEO


Company Name: SUURV INC.

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Company Address: 8250 Vista Colina Suite #100

Company City: San Antonio

Company State: Texas

Company Postal Code: 78255

Phone: (877) 247 - 8324



Is the nominee male or female?: Male

Please provide the nominees birth date in the following format: 11/27/1979


Describe what makes this nominee stand out in his or her field. Provide specific examples of accomplishments in the last 12 months.

David is a versatile Entrepreneur that can lead a company, and can step into any position and do a great job. He has grown his current company SUURV Technologies from 1 client to 30 with a revenue of 700,000 in less than one year.


Describe what makes this nominee stand out in the community. Provide specific examples of accomplishments. Is the nominee a leader in the community? If so, describe how.

David teaches free monthly technology classes to the community, covering everything from business processes to cyber security. He is also highly involved with his church, family, and friends. Furthermore, David volunteers at the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center (Volunteer Services - 1 to 1 Mentoring Program). We also give deeply discounted technology service rates to all Non-profits in the community.


Does the nominee provide leadership or mentorship to others in his or her field or industry? If so, describe how. Please list the professional associations, industry groups, Chambers of Commerce, etc. that the nominee participates in and describe their role.

David holds a Texas Real Estate Sales License and is active at his Church. He also hires graduates directly out of college and teaches them business process analysis and network infrastructure principles to quickly develop Technology Talent. SUURV has an internship program that David developed for High School seniors and entry level college students to help them decide if an IT career would be a good fit based on their interest and talents.


Provide a summary of the nominee's career path.

David stared his career as a computer technician for Katy Independent School District. he worked there for three years and help start a computer company that grew to 7 location in the Houston area. After expanding into other markets, David decided to take his technical expertise into BBQ pit manufacturing. Learning six sigma and lean methodologies helped bring efficient business operations to David's list of skills. Wanting to bring a human aspect to the technology side, David went on to work at a recruiting firm that also contracted technology services. This rounded David's career from learning business to running one. The last thing David needed was a class in investments, so he decided to work for a Real Estate firm handling acquisitions. He worked for one year then went right back into recruiting for oil and gas to see if his skills were relevant in other industry verticals. Looking for some better scenery and loving the Texas Hill Country, David took the IT Director position for the Alamo City Golf Trail in November 2009. In October 2011, David opened up his first fully owned company called ITSA LLC. After six years that company was purchased and he started SUURV shortly after that. He has been running SUURV since December 2017.


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