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Our Story

SUURV started with David McLennan and Shane Morris, two Founders that wanted to change the way IT services were delivered to SMB's. While consulting with other companies and being business owner's themselves, they could not find IT services that could impact their bottom line. Since both Founders were tech savvy individuals, they decided to start a company and change the Managed Services Model to intertwine Corporate Standards while still being budget conscious. SUURV pioneered several business models until they found one that worked for them and their clients. If only we had a name that reflected how we want to help customers... After several days of thought, they found it!

Definition of SERVE: (Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, intransitive verb)
: to be a servant
: to be of use
: to be favorable, opportune, or convenient
: to be worthy of reliance or trust
: to hold an office : discharge a duty or function
: to prove adequate or satisfactory
: to wait on customers

The name "SERVE" directly reflects the heart of how they wanted to conduct their business, with a servant’s heart. The motto initially was, “If you want to be the leader, you must serve”. The Founders of SUURV understood this principle and wanted it to be a prominent attitude for everyone within their company. Since its inception, the name SUURV conveys the exact principles we desire for all employees to model toward our customers. The word was spelled unique for trademark and signature mark purposes, while still being pronounced as “serve”.

Greatness requires service! The guiding principles of SUURV are reflected here:
1. Great results are achieved through the efforts of many. Nobody will follow you unless you serve.
2. People will go further, faster, harder and achieve more when they know you care. They know you care by your service.
3. Anything achieved for oneself is meaningful only to that person. Achievements for many are great to many. Achievements for many are only done through service.

To all future employees and customers: So if greatness requires service, where do you begin?
1. Listen more: Hold more meetings for the team, fewer for yourself. Let them set the tone and raise issues that matter to them.
2. Be available: An open-door policy from a leader who has no time is meaningless. Schedule time to get work done – not just for meetings. If necessary, schedule time to simply be there for your team and customers.
3. Know your people: If you are only interested in their professional results, they won’t be interested in your mission. Get to know your team and customers on a more personal level – no, I’m not talking harassment! I mean, who they are outside of work, what are their passions, family interests and other activities?

Are you getting the level of service you deserve?

SUURV started with the mission to elevate your IT service and really make a difference for your company.

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