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IT Networking

The physical connecting of devices by means of a transporting medium. Whether it be ethernet cabling, fiber, radio waves, satellites, cellular, Bluetooth or other means, data has to get from one physical point to another physical point. Phone calls, emails, websites, etc. all rely on the ability of data to be processed, broken down, reassembled, and converted all at a high rate of speed and interpretability to be set and used by its endpoints. Networking is the glue that binds our communication methods together.

With all the devices that allow us to communicate it is imperative you find the right technology partner that is well versed in setting up, configuring, and architecting networks. IPv6 rollouts will continue to accelerate, is your team and equipment ready? Most equipment is ready by default, but is your network secure from these types of connections? AI will continue to expand, and while this is a great thing for automation, attackers will be using it as well. Having a next gen firewall with filtering will be essential to combating these attacks. 5G will become a go-to alternative for cellar failover and even replace your internet connection in some instances. The final thing we would like ot mention is that SD-WAN will become the norm. If you haven't heard of SD-WAN, it's either because you only have one business location, or you are doing things the old fashioned way. It's time to upgrade your network infrastructure! 

Getting the speed you need?

We know how to get responsive network performance and keep your business secure.
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