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Budgeting technology correctly makes a huge difference   

What does a Managed Service Provider (MSP) do for associations and nonprofits? MSPs offer a proactive approach to providing a stable, secure, and reliable IT operating environment. MSPs help associations and nonprofits use their technology more efficiently to support business needs. They help the systems that support Managing finance, fundraising, and operations. That's why organizations hire them.

It's all about helping your Non-Profit strike the right balance between mission and money. To explain, most nonprofits we manage are resource constrained, so they’re often reluctant to make technology investments. Even worse, the nonprofits that are now our customers have shared horror stories about how bad their IT was before we arrived. Part of it was because their budget was smaller when they first started or the company was just down right incompetent.

Our MSP wants to know your mission and goals before we ever talk about our IT services. In many cases we can help your non-profit use technology to get to the next level, other times we let you know we are not a good fit because your ROI will not be what you are expecting. Wouldn't you rather hear that upfront than to spend all your time and effort on technology that will not help you? At SUURV, we have a mission to make you succeed and if we can't accomplish that goal, we will let you know right away! That's why we are called, "A Trusted Technology Provider".

IT Services for Non-Profits

For new clients of Non-Profits that have outgrown their current MSP. 
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