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Network & Server Management

Computer Networks are the backbone of business communication today. If you are constantly running into issues with your network, then you are losing significant loss in wasted manpower, sales and revenue. Like most companies, your IT infrastructure is a mix of legacy on premise systems and new technologies such as hybrid and cloud infrastructure that need to be maintained and secured to respond to your business needs. From cloud and on-premise infrastructure to network and asset management, we improve visibility, optimize your infrastructure and deploy new technologies to meet your ever-changing needs. Our network services include 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of appliances (routers, switches, access points, etc.), proactive maintenance, network configuration management, software license management, cellular failover services. We mostly focus on Cisco technologies in our network stack. 

Servers Management is the process of optimizing and routine maintenance of servers to run at optimal capacity. It also covers the administration of hardware, virtual instances, mission critical software, security, and backups. SUURV can help maintain your servers in such a way that mitigates slowdowns and downtime, while creating a  secure environment. We will and ensure that servers are running optimally and your data will be accessible even as your organization grows.

Have you calculated the cost of downtime?  

Network and server outages are not only frustrating but incredibly costly, resulting in losing customers, employee productivity, and an increase in operating costs. 

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