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Managed Security

We hear about data breaches all the time. Malware, phishing, ransomware, wire fraud and security breaches are just some of the threats faced by every modern organization. They inundate the news headlines and may even keep you up at night. From our standpoint, there is nothing that can completely protect your business from a data breach, but preventing data and productivity loss with business continuity planning is of utmost importance. We can however, mitigate many attach vectors so that your company is not low hanging fruit. SUURV works with many Internationally recognized cyber security providers (MSSP's) and we have seen how most companies have been breached.

Most attacks come from businesses with less than 500 employees! Additionally, the majority of the attacks were internal and started by someone working with the company! All the more reason to make sure you know what is going on within your company. The other type is breach comes from external hackers. The majority of external hackers don't know who you are. External attackers are usually after three things: money (by stealing your data and selling it), notoriety (the prestige of letting you know you are vulnerable), and power (companies and foreign governments that want to know what is going on). You are left with the fallout of reputation loss, client trust, disrupted operations resulting in lost revenue and even potentially forcing the company to close. It’s important for organizations to build a culture of security by providing periodic training for their employees to become familiar with your security policies and procedures.


We protect against many vulnerabilities

SUURV performs comprehensive  vulnerabilities checks for every asset on your network. We will inform you of potential security breaches and remedy them before it becomes an issue.

Unpatched Software

Phishing, Web & Ransomware

Malicious Insiders

Weak Credentials

Increase your visibility and understand your risk exposure

Gain control of security operations and proactively hunt for the latest threats

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