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IT Strategy & Planning

Strategic planning is what separates SUURV Technologies from the so called "competition". Your company has goals, mission, and a vision, but often leave the IT department in the dark about those goals, and they find themselves implementing technology solutions that limit or fail to enable growth. At SUURV, we are here to assist you in accomplishing all your directives by means of implementing a technology roadmap tailored to your specific needs. Long-Term vision with direction and measurable milestones will lead to successful results. SUURV will assign each company a vCIO that will help with strategic planning and follow up to deliver on the results.

While many businesses are laser focused on achieving their goals, they don’t realize just how much technology is available to help them. Technology can be the deciding factor when it comes to out performing your competitors. Better software, better machines or equipment, better communication methods, more efficient data sharing strategies, or simply allotting enough in the budget to allow for improvements that drive efficiency. After all, the more efficient an organization can be, the higher the profit margins! Our vCIO will work closely with you to ensure that you understand the necessity behind keeping up with technology, and have a clear, detailed path to follow.

Strategy gives you the "how",  but Planning delivers the "why". Planning doesn’t just encompass when to buy new laptops and renew antivirus, it is so much more. Things like hiring new employees, budgeting for server replacement, expanding operations, moving office locations, and giving employees the ability to work from home or the office seamlessly are just some of the things our vCIO can walk you through. All of these things are possible in an environment that values the benefits and rewards from an ever-changing, ever-improving technology, and the people that know how to implement it. Our experts will help you develop an IT strategy and plan that fits your needs and budget.  We will assess your current environment, design your network, remediate security and performance vulnerabilities, and develop a roadmap. 

Your strategy should include an managed service provider

Most companies feel that their current technology solutions are a hindrance to workflow and productivity. A strategy will eliminate barriers between departments and cast a clear vision.

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IT budgeting and planning

Dedicated vCIO

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Why is an IT Strategy so important?

Those of us who are best prepared for change can leverage change to our advantage.

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