10300 Heritage St. Ste 200, San Antonio, TX. 78216

State & Local Government

IT Services that prioritize Compliance,  Security, and Performance.

SUURV represents everyone from Municipal Golf Courses, City Departments, to political candidates. We even support schools that have been overwhelmed by COVID. Our government and education experts recognize that it’s not just deciding on a Managed Service provider or outsourcing their IT. It's a journey to modernize their server and network infrastructure, all while ensuring your distinct security and data governance requirements, including FedRAMP, CJIS, HIPAA and FERPA compliance.

While compliance is a big endeavor for most government entities, IT Audit services top the list as to why Government and Educational clients call us. SUURV will analyze value chains in your company and optimize them through a deeper use of IT. We can also evaluate and ready the transition to IT outsourcing while showing you how to achieve a higher efficiency in the IT department. Audit services will help alleviate bottlenecks in performance, reliability, and scalability of the existing infrastructure and when planning for a new one.

IT Services for State and Local Governments.

We understand that enabling productivity, engagement, and collaboration is key to your success.
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