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IT Services

IT services can encompass the support of industry specific software, managing servers and data backups, POS (point-of-sale) equipment, phones, printers, and computers. While this may sound simple, there are intricate complexities to each of these categories. How do you ensure the cross-functionality of them? How do you ensure they stay up and running, or how do you get them functioning again if they go down? Who do you call if you forget your password, or can’t print a document? Who is monitoring the health of your server? Who is keeping up with antivirus and patching and pushing out updates? All of these things are more are under the IT umbrella, and things that any reputable MSP should be able to provide.

Leverage our extensive team of experts to help implement your most important IT initiatives including Office365, network upgrades, IT repair services, data storage, data backup and restoration, IT policy development, security controls, multi-factor authentication, governance & compliance, application development & integration, and cloud migrations.


Does SUURV provide On-Demand IT?

While we have more than enough resources to perform on-Demand IT, this is not what we do. We are a high-level MSP that doesn't just take on any client that calls. We are a company that likes to understand your business objectives and make a true impact, not just fix your firewall.

Network and systems

Cloud hosting and migrations

Governance and compliance

Data management

Do you have an IT Company you can rely on?

We won't take on any client that calls, we partner with companies we can take to the next level.

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