Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Paul McNally, former U.S. Deputy Attorney General, once said, “If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.” Compliance policies are vitally important to protect the benefits of storing and sharing company data, either in the cloud or on hard drives. Consider the types of digital data you may possess right now:

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  • Personnel records
  • Financial information
  • Health records
  • Intellectual property

From an IT perspective, compliance is: The implementation of processes and actions that ensure and maintain proof of adherence to industry-specific mandates. These policies should apply to internal operations (company-wide) and external relationships (subject to contracts, regulations, laws, etc.) Compliance usually involves some sort of signed (digitally or otherwise) documentation that outlines the rules, expectations, acceptable use policies, and consequences for all parties involved in using company devices, software, systems, and networks if a violation occurs.

Any entity that collects, stores, utilizes, or distributes information in any capacity is subject to the governance of local and federal laws, and likely, additional internal policies and procedures. The process of regulating how, when, why, and for whom this data is collected, stored, or shared becomes increasingly difficult and complex over time, especially as regulations evolve.

At SUURV Technologies, compliance is of the utmost importance to our operations. Why? The lack of compliance poses an astronomical risk to businesses when they operate outside of the approved policies. We strive to ensure that each of our customers remain well within all compliance regulations. In addition, we provide the tools to ensure that compliance is not only in place but enforced.

We care about compliance and deliver through these Industry standards and regulations.

Our company adapts to constantly changing standards and regulations to help provide ongoing compliance across all our services offerings. We continue to invest in automation to facilitate stronger controls. These enable us to respond quickly to changing regulatory and industry compliance requirements.

We Are the Experts in Exceeding Compliance Standards.