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IT audits and assessments are consulting activities that examine and evaluate the current IT landscape for your business. Audits and assessments provide an overview of current IT infrastructure, highlight the risks within their environment, and outline the steps needed to remedy those risks. They can also provide a 24-month plan that aligns your technology with the goals of your business.

Identify vulnerabilities, find tailored solutions and ensure procedures are being followed. SUURV provides audit services across a full array of essential business functions. A successful audit will take in to account all of the laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and best practices relative to the industry or the company, and, if risk is uncovered, a specific strategy will be recommended for remediation.

Audits uncover deficiencies in your operation  

Businesses request IT audits and assessments for a number of reasons. Cloud migrations, security practices, rapid growth, employee distrust, technology upgrades, and leadership changes are just some reasons why request an audit or assessment. Regularly scheduled Audits are included with our IT services.

Internal IT Audits

Privileged Access Management

Technical Alignment

IT Compliance Audits

Need an IT Audit?

Uncovering risks to your business is the number one benefit of an IT audit. The biggest risks are the one's you don't know exist.

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