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Have a bad experience with an IT company?

Not all IT companies are created equal!

Is your current IT staff or technology company doing more harm than good? If we had a nickle for every time we have seen other IT work that made us cringe, we would be billionaires! In fact, part of the reasons the founders started SUURV was to save the world from terrible IT service companies. The more we travel, the more we see things that makes our stomachs turn.

Seriously, you should not hire most of the IT companies out there. Why? Because they simply do not understand what it means to serve (SUURV). Serving companies means doing things the correct way the first time, doing the work as if it was your own company, and setting yourself up for success. To serve takes discipline, to be a master of your craft, and to understand the lifecycle of a business.

Discipline comes at a premium these days. What do I mean? Would you rather have an IT guy that calls you every 5 minutes to tell you what is wrong or would you rather have someone just handle your issues and then ask you how you would like your company to look in the next five to ten years? This takes discipline and SUURV has it. We have learned that businesses need their IT issues handled so they can focus on strategic business and growth. 

Mastering your craft takes hours upon hours and years upon years to be highly effective. The IT Industry has one thing that is different from most industries, because it is always changing, you must find people willing to process information quickly and know how to act upon that information. We see companies deploying the same technology they were ten years ago (and I don't mean Microsoft Office). 

Understanding the lifecycle of a business can have several impacts on your business. You don't want a thirty thousand dollar server when all you need is to test some software for the next three months. Believe it or not we see this kind of incompetence by many IT vendors. They either undervalue a solution or over price it, but rarely do they get it just right. When SUURV recommends solutions for your business, it is based on the valuable insight of understanding what your companies goals are.

Start having good experiences!

Call us if you have experienced the most hated tech companies, the worst IT Companies, the Shadiest IT Companies, or MSP's you should never hire!
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