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Need to supplement your current IT?

The Benefits of Supplemental IT include:

  • Predictable Budgets
  • Experienced Technicians

  • Access to current technologies

  • Save on IT Costs

  • Scale anytime

Do you feel like your existing IT team are always overwhelmed? The truth is, they probably are! Just in the past 5 years, security monitoring has gone up 72% and the needs of remote workers have never been higher. While we have seen some existing IT teams not want management to get outsourced help, the vast majority of IT teams are appreciative of it.  The dilemma management always faces is balancing the cost and quality of services. Outsourcing your IT department is the perfect way to get the extra coverage your business needs, especially when your IT team can’t cover everything 100%.

The choice of in-house IT "vs" outsourced IT is a longstanding debate. SUURV thinks that the two choices can complement each other, and we have done it successfully time and time again.

From the MSP perspective:

  1. We handle the mundane tasks that slow down your IT department to support your clients.
  2. We alert your staff to issues and help remediate those issues if they are to cumbersome.
  3. We take a proactive approach and help with strategic planning.
  4. We can let you know when you are under or over budget.

From your IT staff's perspective:

  1. Being able to rely SUURV's experience with other clients will increase the confidence level of existing IT staff.
  2. Internal staff will get have an extra tools set.
  3. Extra hands when they are overworked.
  4. May actually get a vacation for once!

From Management's perspective:

  1. Having extra eyes on your technology environment is a win-win situation.
  2. Save on IT costs - SUURV has access to pricing and deals that others can't get
  3. Save on employees. The cost of hiring an MSP is much less that hiring another Tech (including PTO, Benefits, and Salary).
  4. Scalability - you can increase or decrease anytime as needed.

Need to supplement your IT ?

SUURV can give your company Supplemental IT Support and  IT Staff augmentation.
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