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Have ransomware or security breach?

When you have been victim to a cyber security attack, your business may be on life support. The next moments are critical in order to get back on your feet fast and SUURV can help. If you have experienced ransomware or a security breach, call us immediately! But how worried should you be if you have been attacked? Depends on what plans you already have in place.  We can help access the damage and make sure nothing gets missed to completely secure your company. Why would you want SUURV to look at this issue and not an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)? Because most of the time, MSSP's are just marking up your bill and outsourcing the cleanup to us!

So what is the difference between Ransomware and a Security Breach?

Ransomware attacks encrypt or locks up your programs and data files, but your data is usually not exposed, so you probably have nothing to worry about. Getting your information back and systems operational again is another issue even if the target is a company whose services you use, you might be inconvenienced while the company is out of commission.

If it was a security or data breach, find out if your information has been hacked. Also, you may have been notified that your personal data was exposed because U.S. laws require companies to tell you if your data was stolen.

Companies Trust SUURV for Cyber Security Remediation

2021 Cyber Security Trends

  • Big game hunters” targeting the healthcare sector
  • Significant nation-state-based targeted attacks and operations observed from China, Iran, DPRK, Russia, and others
  • The pivotal role that access brokers play in the eCrime ecosystem
  • Ransomware adversaries are rapidly adopting data extortion methods

We can help with:

  • Remove & Cleanup Ransomware
  • Restore lost data
  • Adopt new security approaches
  • Negotiate with Cyber Security Insurance providers
  • Alleviate Future Threats

Have Ransomware?

Whether you have ransomware or experienced a security breach, SUURV can help. 
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