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Private Equity

Security and Business Continuity is paramount! 

We know what it takes to support your private equity firm. Every second you are down is costing you thousands of dollars! Automate and streamline your operations and asset management so you can focus on acquiring new companies. We working closely with senior management, SUURV will help with your technology strategy. The first few private equity firms we managed tried to purchase us! Since then, they have referred us to other firms because we are a neutral third party that helps with their technology strategy. We were successful because we understand the needs of remote workers, which private equity firms leverage to send people out internationally. The other reason Private Equity firms love our managed services is because security is at the forefront of our offerings. We work closely with the top MSSP's in the United States and abroad while tailoring the security to the needs of your company.

The main reason private equity firm use SUURV is because we are a trusted Managed Service Provider. We will keep all dealings confidential and make sure you are compliant. We often help support the operational roles of your clients as well.

IT Services for Private Equity Firms

Can your current MSP scale? We can! 
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