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What is it like to work for SUURV?

You make a difference:

Every client you touch will depend on how well you perform. While this can be stressful for some, lots of people prefer and even thrive in this environment. Furthermore, you get to touch all types of technologies! It sure beats managing SharePoint all day. Lastly, you get to work with the industries best minds. Our team has fun while taking on challenging tasks.

You learn business:

Learning IT is also about learning business. The more you know business, them more you can apply your skills to reach business goals. When we go to the client's business they expect you to be the expert. SUURV will give you the confidence and education you need to take these challenges head on. This is what the clients are paying us for, and this is what professionalism we expect from you! 

Access to different technologies:

  • RMM - Remote Monitor & Management
  • NMS - Network Monitoring Systems
  • PMP - IT Project Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • IT Strategy & Planning
  • Help Desk
  • Hardware

Working for SUURV is both rewarding and challenging. You will see new challenges every day. The other thing is that we are different. Our highest paid positions are IT Generalists and not IT Specialists. While this is backwards from the industry norm, we have found that outsourcing the specialties have made our internal team stronger. I am sure we are the only company you have heard of where teammates are asking to get promoted to the Help Desk! Normally you start on the Help Desk, but this is were our seasoned staff end up. Our clients love the fact they get an experienced person picking up the phone and it encourages our entire team to learn new things.

If you are an over-achiever and want to work for the best, consider pursuing an IT career at SUURV Technologies! We stand behind the motto: "If you can work for an MSP and be successful, you can succeed anywhere!"

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Want to know more about working at SUURV? 

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